Coaching since: 2017

Static Freefly,  Dynamic Freefly


I grew up doing a lot of gymnastics and other sports, and being around skydiving since I was a child. Early on, I realized that sports and skydiving will always be a big part of my life.
In 2009, I flew in the wind tunnel for the first time. The same year, I started dreaming about pursuing this sport professionally, and my packing career began. From then on, the dropzone became my new home. Eat, sleep, pack, repeat! I did my first jump in 2012, at the age of 16.
In 2017, with 650 jumps and 2 nationals behind me, my childhood dream of becoming a tunnel instructor came true. Since then, I am using every second in the machine! I try to utilize all the skills acquired in my sports and skydiving career to fly my body the best way I can. And this is what I am passing on to my students: I want you to discover and fly your body the best way you can. I am looking forward to welcome you at one of my camps!


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