Tunnel Time improves your indoor skydiving experience. As a member of this platform, you can book your time in any cooperating wind tunnel and organize your own flying within just a few clicks. In our tunnels section you will find a list of European wind tunnels. For each tunnel, we provide detailed information about its location, as well as some bonus tips about the facility.

The dream of flight is almost as old as mankind itself. Throughout the ages, humans have watched birds fly and dreamt about being able to soar through the air just as gracefully as them. In the modern age, thanks to cutting edge technology, this dream has become reality.

Since the second half of the 19th century, wind tunnels have been used for research on aerodynamics. The first wind tunnel intended for human flight was built in 1978 in Canada. A big propeller produced enough air for people to fly in a column of air. There were no walls around: people who flew out of the airstream simply fell on a pile of mats. The first real indoor tunnel was patented in 1997. It had glass walls, which provided much more safety. A newly developed air flow system assured a noise-reduced and smoother flight experience.

Ever since then, many wind tunnels have been built, with a more and more refined technology. The newest tunnels provide higher wind speeds, run on a much lower noise level, and have a size of up to 17 feet in diameter.

Recently, a huge increase of interest in indoor skydiving could be observed all across the world. Almost each and every European country as well as many states in the USA have their own tunnel. With this increase of interest, indoor skydiving/bodyflying has officially been recognized as part of the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) and is thus now an inseparable part of the big and diverse universe of skydiving and parachuting.

In 2015, the first FAI-regulated indoor skydiving championship (WISC) took place in the Hurricane Factory wind tunnel in Prague. Flyers from all over the world showed in various disciplines high-level skills and innovative moves and sparked the interest in indoor skydiving even further.

This rapidly growing interest in the sport calls for an increased need for experienced coaches. Tunnel Time aims at promoting the coaches that will help you become a better flyer. The best part: everybody can fly in the wind tunnel! Whether you want to experience human flight for the first time, or improve your skydiving skills. Whether you are 5 or 99 years old: you can visit any of our cooperating tunnels and learn how to fly your body.

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