Tunnel Time is a unique network created by tunnel coaches dedicated to tunnel flyers all around the world. We understand the importance of having someone experienced teach you, brief you before and after flying and provide you with solid knowledge. If you want to acquire new knowledge about flying your body, we are here to help.

The creative minds behind Tunnel Time are Radek Meduna and Václav Dědek. As part of the Czech D4W Team Mad Ravens, and organizing tunnel camps all across Europe, their whole lives revolve around indoor skydiving/bodyflying. Having taken the silver medal in the first World Indoor Skydiving Championships (WISC) in Prague in 2015, the two have ambitious goals for their team and the future of indoor skydiving.

With Tunnel Time, the two Czech tunnel champions seek to take an active part in shaping the sport and helping it evolve. As an international platform, Tunnel Time connects between tunnels, flyers, and coaches and thus facilitates the organization of tunnel time bookings, camps, and other events.

Whether you are a beginner looking for free fall basics, an advanced flyer seeking faster and smoother flying skills, or a FS/VFS team training for the next competition, Tunnel Time will help you fly and reach your goals.