Coaching since: 2011

Static Freefly,  Dynamic Freefly


Do you want to fly like a bird? There is nothing easier than to become a bird with the Raven’s. I will help you to control your body and understand how to feel the air both, in a safe and easy way. All you have to do is just focus on your training.
I’ve been passionate about sports since I was a child. I started off with swimming and then tried many other sports. And I became addicted! I would later choose to make a career out of it by studying at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (Charles University), located in Prague, to learn more how I can take what I know and teach people.
My tunnel career started at Prague Skydive Arena as an indoor skydiving instructor in 2011. I would later leave and continue working as an instructor in Empuriabrava (Windoor) until March 2014. My life changed around 180°. I love this sport and flying so much. Now I would like to teach you how to fly your body the most efficiently, based on everything I’ve learned.

tunnel camps - I advise to save up and fly a bunch of times at once, rather than fly 20 minutes every month. You will progress a lot quicker! My camps are usually for 4 days. Stay for the whole camp and take 2,5-3h (45min a day) and you will see an improvement immediately.

For any questions, just send me a message.


English, Czech


2013 - silver - Knights of Prague - D4W
2014 - gold - Wind Games - D2W
2015 - gold - White Nights - D4W
2015 - silver - 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship - D4W
2015 - silver - Clash of Champions - D2W
2017 - silver - 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship - D4W

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