Rue Charles Lindbergh 26
Charleroi 6041

Opening hours

Wed - Sun: 10:00 – 20:00


Indoor Skydiving Germany (ISG)®


4.5 m


17 m

Top wind speed

310 km/h


Driven by mankind’s dream of flying, Airspace Indoor Skydiving chose the latest and most silent vertical windtunnel technology available.

Those vertical windtunnels meet the highest standards of German engineering and impress with their energy efficiency, design, safety and quality.

The windtunnel is open for first time flyers and skydivers and from all sectors of skydiving and offers the possibility to practise flying without jumping out of an airplane.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels around the Charleroi airport. The best way is to use to find a place to stay.

How to get here

Airspace is situated next to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, close to the highway, easy to find and with private parking. Follow the signs to Aéropole/Fournisseur. Once you see the big building "Kheops", drive around it and stay towards the right.
Airspace is located in front of the Charleroi airport.
Do not enter the airport car park. The street Charles Lindbergh is divided in two:
1) The entrance to the airport car park.
2) The street for Airspace Indoor Skydiving! - Take this one.

Upcoming camps

There are no upcoming camps to join