Avda. Nuestra SeƱora del Retamar, 16
Madrid 28232

Opening hours

Wed - Fri: 11:00 - 21:00
Sat - Sun: 9:00 - 23:00


Eydisa Wind Tunnels


4.6 m


18 m

Top wind speed

320 km/h


Want to try out the best tunnel in Madrid? The largest glass chamber in Europe!
With an 8 meters round glass chamber and a 15 foot diameter, Madrid Fly ensures the cleanest high speed airflow you can experience!
The tunnel is built specifically for pro-flyers. There are water fountains in the antechamber, showers, 4 debriefing rooms with 44 inch TVs, computers, creepers, a great restaurant, and even fridges in case you bring food. Absolutely anything you can wish for!

And its not even everything. We also focus a lot on safety. Come and find out what the safety lines are about, the large diffusor that slows down the wind then you are in trouble and more!  

Come try it out and see what a top quality wind tunnel in the capital city of Spain feels like!

Furthermore, Madrid Fly boasts 3 resident Tunnel Instructor examiners that run Tunnel Instructor courses all year around at great prices.

Where to stay

Madrid Fly partners up with local hotels to offer best prices. Multiple hotels are available close to the tunnel with prices varying depending on season. Email for the latest hotel offers and collaborations.

How to get here

Madrid Fly is located 20 minutes from the city center (Sol), at the district of Las Rozas. 

There are multiple ways to reach Madrid Fly, such as Bus, Train, Taxi and car. You can see the details for each way on their website:

Upcoming camps

There are no upcoming camps to join